Turntable Repair

Improve Your Turntable’s Performance with our Turntable Repair & Restoration Services


Free Turntable Inspection:

Check stylus and cantilever condition under microscope.

Check condition of belt and basic mechanical functions.

No charge.


Stylus Reconditioning:

Using a variety of techniques we bring your stylus to pristine condition.

A dirty stylus can damage your treasured vinyl.

After cleaning your records will sound clearer with improved dynamics.



Optimizing Cartridge Geometry:

Minute changes in the position of the cartridge in the tonearm can seriously affect the quality of the sound and settings.

Improve your turntable performance – includes complete stylus cleaning!



Full Servicing and Maintenance:

COMPLETE turntable repair and maintenance.

If you have a turntable that needs some TLC bring it in for an assessment – we will give you our best advice and opinion on what can be done to bring your turntable back to its original glory.


Vinyl Cleaning:

Vancouver’s best record cleaning service, using the legendary Keith Monk’s cleaning system. We’ll bring your treasured records back to life!