Classic Album Covers: Where were you in the 1970s?

by Nick Seiflow

1970`s Classic Album Covers

1970`s Classic Album Covers

As if there weren’t enough reasons to like vinyl… Here are a couple of our favourite album covers from the decade when Vinyl Roamed The Earth. Not sure which one I like better; Nina Hagen, well, what can you say about one of the finer East German exports of the period, except – thank you DDR, you did the Right Thing!

As for The Planets, we’re not perfectly sure if this cover would be deemed the last word in political correctness today. And who cared what the performance sounded like; with a cover like this, and a couple of casually strewn copies of Playboy on the orange shag rug your street cred as a man of depth would be unquestioned….and somehow this cover ‘art’ just wouldn’t cut in on a CD case. What a decade!

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