Turntable Shop update: “New” Vintage Turntables and a Museum Piece!

Reference Hydraulic Transcription Turntable

Do you know what this is? Check our “Museum” section for the answer!

Hi fellow turntable and vinyl lovers! Just a quick invitation to check out the updates to the Vintage Turntables and the Museum section of our website. All of the pieces shown on this website are available for viewing down in our North Vancouver turntable shop unless sold. We will try to keep the website up to date but if you have any questions or special requests please give us a call. We will be posting a lot of new items over the next week or two so check back often. We have just received some “fresh” vintage vinyl  today so come take a look if you can.


One thought on “Turntable Shop update: “New” Vintage Turntables and a Museum Piece!

  1. Congratulations Nick on opening your lovely new shop and launching this terrific website. I was lucky to have discovered your store in late March and have a chance to visit and talk vinyl and classic turntables with you. All the best in your new adventure! Jeff from Nova Scotia (ex North Vancouver)

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